Monday, February 24, 2014

Business suit

This suit was not too hard to make. It only took me three times. You start out with black cardstock cut at 5.25 x 4. At 2.5 inches draw a line across. Measure 1.25 each side and put a tic mark. Fold to tic mark to center on each side. Fold in half but do not crease. Cut a triangle. Cut a slit for the handkerchief. Take a ribbon at 3 inches and fold in half. Put the ends into slit. Put aside. For the shirt cut patterned paper 3 x 4. Fold back 1.5 inches at the top. Mark the center and fold to make the collar. Put the shirt behind the jacket. I rounded the shoulders with my corner punch. There may be some white showing. Cut triangles and attach to white piece. Punch a hole below the fold in shirt. Take ribbon 6 inches and tie a knot until it forms a tie. Take the end and put through hole. I used glue dots to attach everything down. Add buttons with glue dots. My card base is 6.25 x 5. The black mat is 6.25 x 4.75. The pink mat is 6 x 4.5. It is much easier watching the video but it can be done.

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